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Common Signs Of Aging: How To Deal With Fine Lines Around The Eyes

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Have you recently noticed wrinkles or fine lines around your eyelids? You may not like the appearance of these new lines, especially if they make you look a bit older. If you would prefer to maintain a youthful appearance, you may want to do something to prevent more lines from forming and even eliminate the ones that are currently on your face. There are a few different options to consider when attempting to eliminate and prevent these fine lines. Start Applying an Eye Cream Regularly You can start taking some preventative measures by applying an eye cream on a regular basis. Instead of purchasing costly creams from various stores, you can make one on your own with a few essential ingredients that are known to work wonders on the skin. You can combine two tablespoons of coconut oil with one tablespoon of crushed coffee beans and a teaspoon of vitamin E oil. Once you have mixed these ingredients together, simply apply it on and around the eyelids using your finger. Make sure to gently rub it in and leave it on overnight. It is ideal to use these ingredients because coconut oil helps moisturize the skin and coffee beans help brighten and exfoliate. The vitamin E oil contains nutrients that are good for the skin. In fact, vitamin E oil is often a main ingredient in different anti-aging products, so it is worth using in your own homemade remedy. Consider Getting Botox Injections Around the Eyes Although a cream may help to prevent future fine lines and wrinkles from appearing, you may still struggle with the ones that have already appeared. In that case, you may want to consider botox injections as a method of treatment. Botox will help to relax the muscles around your eyes, thus causing some of those fine lines to disappear. Although it is not a permanent solution, the smoothing effect tends to last for about 4 months. Once you start to notice the effects are wearing off, you can always get a touch up in the office to maintain your youthful appearance. It is normal for women and men to experience fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and on other areas of the skin as they start getting older. Even though it is a typical sign of aging, you might not want to look older than your age. If you want to look younger and get rid of those lines, you can start to apply a homemade eye cream nightly, and you can choose to get botox injections to see a significant and immediate...

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2 Ways To Get Rid Of Beard Itch

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When you decide that you want to grow out your beard, you can quickly find out that growing it out can be really itchy. There are a few reasons why your beard can get itchy. One is that you get dry skin under your beard. Since your beard hair is covering that skin, it doesn’t really get exfoliated, so new skin doesn’t get exposed, which is part of what makes your dry skin itch. Another reason is that you may get ingrown hairs in your beard. These are hairs that instead of growing out through the skin have gotten trapped in the follicle or even grows back under the skin. Ingrown hairs tend to show up when you have been shaving, so if you trim your beard, you might run into problems around the edge. There are several things that you can do to help combat the beard itch.  Clean It Right One thing you can do to help combat the dreaded beard itch is to make sure that you clean it right. Look for a special beard wash. It’s a shampoo designed just for your beard and for the skin under it. You should be able to find several products that will work. If you have sensitive skin, there will also be products that have lotions that will help to exfoliate and soothe the skin under your beard. You should make sure that you wash it every day. If you notice that your beard itches more at night, then try washing it later in the day. That will get rid of all the day’s sweat and grime that would’ve built up. Think about using a beard conditioner and beard growth vitamins as well. It can help soften the hair of your beard and moisturize the skin under your beard.  Brush or Comb It Using a beard brush or comb on your beard can do a lot of things. One thing it can do is to help get any dry skin or other particles trapped in your beard out from your beard. That will help with the itchiness. Another thing that it can do is to help spread the natural oils of your face down through your beard. Getting those oils down to the ends of your beard will help to keep it looking nice and feeling smooth, so not only does it not feel scratchy to you, your significant other won’t complain about it either.  If you are trying to grow out your beard, there are things that you can do to help get rid of the beard...

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Questions You May Have About Nonsurgical Hair Replacement For Men — And The Answers You Need

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If you have recently begun to notice that you have thinning hair and are thinking about a surgical method to replace or regrow missing hair, you should know that you have other options. Those other options include nonsurgical hair replacement approaches. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about these procedures and the answers you need to these questions. Do Hair Regrowth Creams and Serums Work? If you have just a little thinning across the top of your head, medicated hair regrowth creams and serums could work for you. Male pattern baldness is often treated by dermatologists and doctors with monoxidyl, a medication that stunts the biochemical agents in your body that are responsible for increasing hair loss. However, it is a treatment that you may have to continue the rest of your life because it is not a cure–just a treatment. How Can a Method of Hair Replacement Be Considered Nonsurgical If You Are Replacing Follicles? Another nonsurgical hair replacement for men involves transplanting single hair follicles. Each of these follicles is taken from another part of the body, usually the nape of your neck. It is referred to as a “nonsurgical” method because your scalp is not cut nor is a patch of hair-covered skin transplanted to your balding areas (a process commonly known as “plugs”). Instead, the single hairs, complete with roots, are placed into old follicle openings where hair once was but is not anymore. Prior to transplantation, the area is thoroughly scrubbed clean and heat and humidity are applied so that the the follicle openings open wide enough to accept the transplanted hair. A medication, either topical or oral, may be taken for several days after the procedure to help the transplanted hairs take root and stay put. Which of These Provides More Permanent Results? The nonsurgical method that provides more permanent results is the single follicular transplant. (The medicated topicals have to be applied frequently, and if you stop using them the results stop as well.) Additionally, several single follicles of hair may be transplanted at the same time, or you can do this as a more gradual process so that people do not guess what kind of cosmetic work you are having done. Eventually, your bald spots will be fully restored to hair, and that hair does not fall out or act any differently than the hair you had before. Because the hair is also your own, it will not look out of place like a donor’s hair would (e.g., dark blond hair trying to mix with light brunette). To learn more about nonsurgical hair replacement options, speak with an expert like those at L J Hair...

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Different Methods Of Highlighting Hair

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Highlighting has been a very popular way to add color and dimension to the hair for many years. Whether you have dark colored or light colored hair, getting highlights can make your hair look healthy and beautiful as it catches the light each time you move. The type of results you get from highlights depends on the colors you choose and the application process that is used to put them in. These are some different methods of highlighting the hair. Foiled Weaved Highlights  This method of highlighting is done by using a tail comb to weave out pieces of the hair. Hairdressing foil is placed under these pieces and then hair color is applied to them with a brush. The foil is folded over the pieces of hair so that the color can develop without bleeding onto the hair that is not going to be highlighted. Foiled weaved highlights can be done in full, half or quarter head weaves. Full weaves leave small amounts uncolored, half weaves highlight about half of the person’s hair, and quarter weaves highlight only small amounts of the hair to give it a more natural appearance. Hair Slicing Highlights  The hair slicing method of highlighting is also known as paneling. The form of highlighting gives one bolder, more noticeable highlights that are visible in a few areas of the hair. Hair slicing is done by using a tail comb to part sections of the hair into random slices that will be colored with highlights. Hairdressing foil is placed under the sections, color is applied and then the foil is folded to protect the hair that will not be colored. Hair slicing is done using wider sections that are scattered in only a few areas of the hair. This creates blocks of color that can give you fun, creative results. The color blocks are usually placed under the part so that there is no need to retouch the roots. Balayage Highlights  This method of highlighting is also known as hair painting. It is done by using a freehand technique to add lightener to various strands of the hair. The lightener is added with a small brush and is applied more thickly going down towards the ends of the sections of hair. The hair is not covered in foil but is simply sectioned away from the hair that will not be colored. Balayage highlights give the hair a more natural, sun kissed appearance. Since these highlights are not applied thickly at the root they can grow out naturally without leaving a noticeable line of difference in color. In the past, getting highlights meant sitting to have strands of your hair pulled through a plastic cap before the lightener was applied. While some salons still offer this method, it is not done as frequently unless the person wants their hair heavily frosted with only one lightening color. For more information, contact a salon like Cut’N...

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Tips For Reducing The Appearance Of Your Stretch Marks

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There’s a good chance that you’re going to leave puberty with some sort of stretch marks, regardless of what your gender is. You might have stretch marks on your hips or on your chest from developing your body or you might have stretch marks left over from your last growth spurt. If you are feeling self-conscious about these stretch marks, here are some tips for helping reduce their appearance so that you can feel more confident. 1. Try Egg Whites One option is to take two eggs out of your freezer and extract the whites for them. Throw the yolks away. Whip the whites together using a fork. Use an old toothbrush or an old makeup brush to apply a thick layer of the egg whites to the area on your body on which you would like to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Allow the egg whites to sit on this area until they have totally dried. When they dry, you know that all of the amino acids and protein that they contained have been absorbed by your skin. These proteins will help your skin become stronger and more supple, making your stretch marks appear fainter. When you are done rinsing off the egg whites, rub some moisturizer on the area in order to increase the suppleness of your skin. 2. Try Sugar and Lemon Juice Pour a cup of plain, white sugar into a mixing bowl. Then, add two tablespoons of lemon juice. Finally, mix everything together until a thick paste is formed. Once you have the paste, start rubbing it on the afflicted areas. The sugar in this mixture will allow you to exfoliate your skin, getting rid of any dead skin that you might have on the surface and revealing newer skin, making your stretch marks appear lighter. The lemon juice contains acid that will help bleach your stretch marks so that their color more closely matches your skin. After you are done scrubbing the mixture into your skin, gently wipe it off with warm water and a washcloth. Do this every day for maximum efficacy. 3. Try Aloe Vera Go to your local pharmacy and pick up a cream that contains aloe vera. Then, rub it on the afflicted area each night before you go to bed. The intense moisturizing properties of the aloe vera will help your skin become more supple and heal more quickly, decreasing the appearance of your stretch marks. You can also buy anti stretch cream at your local...

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5 Natural Ways To Treat Pimples

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Pimples can pop up unexpectedly and when they do they can cause you to feel self-conscious about your appearance. While pimples tend to disappear with time, there are a few natural things you can use to speed up the process and get your complexion looking clearer more quickly. Aspirin The anti-inflammatory properties of aspirin make it the perfect candidate for reducing a pimple. Make a paste by adding a few drops of water to an aspirin tablet. Use a piece of cotton to apply the paste to the affected area. The paste will harden and flake off on its own then you can clean off any remaining flakes with a piece of wet tissue or a wet rag. Aloe Vera Aloe vera is a great way to treat pimple. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties and this makes it perfect for reducing and eventually removing pimples while healing the infected area. Get a piece of an aloe vera plant and cut it to remove the gel and apply it to the infected area. Reduce Your Pimples With Toothpaste Toothpaste is great for removing pimples because it contains silicia. Silicia works by sucking out the moisture out of the pimple and drying it out. To make use of this remedy just squeeze some toothpaste and apply it to the pimple and leave it on overnight. You should see a massive reduction in the size of your pimple in the morning. Get Steamed Steaming the face is one of the easiest ways to reduce the size of pimples. Boil a pot of water and throw it out into a small basin. Use a large towel to form a tent over your head and the basin of water. Steam your face for about ten minutes. Steaming the face opens up the pores in the skin. Clogged pores is one of the major causes of acne. Steaming your face also detoxifies your skin as impurities are removed through sweat. Use Tea Tree Oil Tea Tree Oil has strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. This makes it one of the most effective treatments you can use for acne. To use this treatment, apply the tea tree oil to the pimple at least twice per day. Finding natural ways to deal with acne is affordable and often very gentle on the skin. The key is to find a natural method that works for you and to start using it as soon as you notice pimples. To learn more, contact a company like Greater Des Moines Dermatology,...

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3 Reasons To Utilize Chamois Cream

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One of the most important items that a cyclist can own and use is chamois cream. Chamois cream is designed to be applied to the pad within your cycling shorts or directly on your skin in order to help you prevent chafing while riding. A few of the reasons to utilize chamois cream are if you are a new rider, planning on riding long distances, or want to avoid being unable to bike for a longer period of time. New Rider As with all types of exercise, your body is going to need some time to adjust to the new sensations and strain that cycling is going to put on your body. One of the biggest issues that you are going to run into is that parts of your body that you have never really had to worry about chafing before with other activities are now going to experience that feeling. This can be extremely uncomfortable and downright painful for many people, so much so that it can easily cause a new rider to quite cycling very quickly.  However, if you utilize chamois cream when you are first starting out, there is a good chance that you can reduce the friction caused by the cycling motions to avoid chafing for your entire biking experience. This can help ensure that you stick with this very rewarding and healthy activity. Long Distance Riding You will also definitely want to invest in chamois cream if you are at all considering riding for long distances, whether the long distance ride is for exercise, fun, or as part of a competition. The reason for this is that even if you have been riding for years and your body has grown accustomed to the friction that can develop when cycling, the sheer amount of sweat and long-term motion required for a long ride will still cause painful chafing. In that situation, the chafing can either lead to you failing to meet your goal or finish the competition, or even lead to serious issues and pain if you choose to continue riding and finish your long distance ride even after the chafing begins. Avoid Being Unable To Bike Finally, chamois cream for cyclists is absolutely essential if you want to avoid issues that can force you to stay away from biking for days or weeks at a time. The reason for this is that the cream can prevent an abscess from forming. An abscess can often be treated with medication, but it can also be severe enough that you will need surgery to deal with it, which can knock you off your bike for even longer as you recover from the surgery. Speak to your local bike shop about the many different brands and types of chamois cream and how they can help you. Chamois cream can prevent you from developing serious issues that can stop you from biking for an extended time. In addition, this item can help new and long distance riders avoid chafing that can cause them to fall short of their biking goals due to the...

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The Three Skin Cancer Types to Know About

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When you think about skin cancer, you often think it is just one type that you are dealing with. Many people often believe that all skin cancer is the same and since most skin cancer types are easily treatable, many people believe that it can easily be survived and is not life threatening whatsoever. However, that is not the case. You should know about the three cancer types, especially if you are exposed to the sun often or have a history of skin cancer in your family. Here are the three types of skin cancer to know about: Basal Cell Carcinoma Basal cell carcinoma is the most common type of skin cancer. This one is typically not life threatening since it usually does not spread to other parts of the body. This makes it easily treatable, even in later stages. However, it should be treated as early as possible to ensure that it definitely does not spread. This skin cancer type looks like an open sore or red patch that stays the same size but sometimes becomes darker and worse, causing more and more damage to the skin if not treated early.  Squamous Cell Carcinoma Squamous cell carcinoma is the second most common skin cancer type. This type of skin cancer grows really slowly, which also makes it more unlikely to be life threatening unless not treated early. This skin cancer type must be treated as soon as it is diagnosed to ensure that the slow spreading is completely prevented. Once this cancer type spreads, it makes it more difficult to treat, especially once it spreads to the tissues or bones. This cancer type appears differently than basal cell carcinoma since it is typically a flat brown or red patch on the skin that can become larger.  Metastatic Melanoma The third skin cancer type is metastatic melanoma, which is the most dangerous, but also much less common than the other two. This skin cancer type cannot be cured, but there are many treatment options that allow you to live as long a life as possible. This cancer type spreads really quickly, which is why it is so difficult to treat, especially since this is skin cancer at stage 4. This means that it has spread to the lymph nodes, organs, and other areas of the body.  Knowing the difference between the three skin cancer types can make you more aware of how life threatening they can actually become if not treated early.For more information, talk to a professional like Vail...

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How To Plan A Fun Friend Reunion

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Are you in charge of planning a weekend reunion of old friends as they come to your home town? If so, here are some ideas that will inspire you to plan something fun and memorable. Arrange For Lodging – If your friends are staying at a hotel, you can check that off your list. However, if they’re staying at your home, you obviously have some planning to do.  Consider giving adults bedrooms and put all of the kids in the family room. Instead of worrying about beds for the kids, give everybody a pillow and a blanket and let them cozy up on the carpet and on sofas. If there are any babies, it would be very nice for you to borrow or rent cribs which will be placed in the bedroom where parents will be sleeping. If the kids are old enough, a really fun idea would be to set up tents and let them sleep in your backyard. Add to the fun by giving each child a flashlight.  Plan Activities – Kids or no kids? Will your friends be traveling with their children? If so, consider mixing outdoor activities with those that will be indoors, especially if it’s hot. For example, a trip to the zoo could take place as soon as the zoo opens, since temperatures will be cooler. Then go for lunch at a place that has an indoor play area. Consider returning home or to hotels for some quiet time and then meet for evening activities. Consider a hot dog cookout or pizza delivery would be both fun and easy. If there won’t be children present, that puts a whole different twist on your reunion. Gals could hit the malls while men go bowling, golfing, or just hang out at home. However, it will also be fun for you to show off your town. Visit historic sites and other places of local interest. Is there an evening production you could attend? At home, consider setting up crafts for the women while the men watch a big game on television.  Give A Souvenir – As your reunion comes to an end, it would be a nice touch to send everybody home with a fun souvenir to remind them of the good time you had at your friend reunion. One idea would be to give everybody a fun apron that you have personalized with each person’s name For something just plain funny, consider giving bobble head dolls that match each person. For example, the golfer in the group would get a golfer bobble head. Beard t-shirts would be a really great gift. Not only would they be fun, but they would be something everybody would be able to wear with jeans and other casual slacks or skirts. There are even beard t-shirts for women. For the kids, consider the popular t shirts that have a mustache on them. Beard t-shirts are affordable. While you’re at it, consider buying some extras to have on hand for gifts. Have fun planning a fun friend...

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3 Benefits Of Selling Private Label Skin Care Products

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With the spread of the internet and the numerous ways to distribute products online, now is the time to take control of your destiny with entrepreneurial ventures. If you are passionate about skin care, it is a great industry to get into, especially since it is expected to surpass $12 billion in the United States by the year 2018. If you want to be sure that you are able to take advantage of such an opportunity, you would do well to consider private label branding. With this in mind, consider the following advantages that you will enjoy by getting into the private label skin care business.  Benefit #1: You Receive Greater Brand Recognition While a lot of entrepreneurs break into the industry by selling massively distributed skin care products and taking a percentage, they are robbing themselves of the brand recognition that you will get with private label skin care. By branding yourself in such a way, your marketing efforts will be much stronger, and you can create a personal connection with your customers that is only made possible through private branding. This brand recognition gives you built in longevity with a loyal fan base that believes in you.  Benefit #2: You Have Exclusive Rights To All Of Your Products Selling other people’s products always comes with fine print that tells you what you can and can’t do with the products, and contains restrictions on ways to market them. They can also revoke your right to selling their products at their discretion. When you own your brand through private labeling, you will have free reign and control over all products, which fuels your creativity and opens the door to greater possibilities. This also allows you to change prices and hold promotions as you see fit, without having to answer to anyone for it.  Benefit #3: Your Revenue Is Much Greater While there surely are no get-rich-quick formulas, you will notice increased revenue potential quicker when you use private label branding. Selling large-scale skin products requires you to stick to iron clad revenue splits, which are typically more advantageous to the overhead company. Having your own private label allows your business to remain liquid and gives you greater opportunities to reinvest into the business, growing it larger over time and paying yourself a larger salary.  If you consider these three benefits, it is clear that private label branding is the way to go when selling your skin care...

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