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Making Yourself Naturally Beautiful

The Benefits And Limits Of PDO Threat Lifts

by Wanda Chambers

People can look tired and show signs of aging when their skin begins to droop. The natural aging process may slow with diets or skin creams, but most people need a cosmetic procedure to get noticeable improvements. A facelift was once the best option, but newer options offer benefits with fewer drawbacks. PDO thread lifts have become a popular option for this purpose.

Lifting the Skin

Thread lifts involve temporary sutures made with specific threads to lift the skin for a firmer look and feel. The treatment lifts and smooths many common problem areas but cannot address every form of sagging. The method can also thin the nose and provide a cat's eye shape.

Additional benefits to skin texture also occur because of the collagen released by the body to heal the skin following treatment. Collagen naturally firms the skin, and its production decline over the years causes many signs of aging.

Providing Simpler Solutions

Facelifts involve invasive surgical techniques that can take weeks or months to heal. Threat lifts are less invasive, faster, and cost less. Many people can receive the treatment and return to work. The threads dissolve in the body, so patients do not need a follow-up visit for removal. The lower cost makes the treatment accessible for those who cannot afford surgery.

Understanding the Limits

Thread lifts cannot equal the benefits of a surgical facelift for people with excessive sagging or wrinkles. PDO lifting threads dissolve over a few months, so the skin will not remain as tight as it was initially. People will usually continue to have smoother or firmer skin in the treatment areas because of the influx of collagen following the procedure. 

Following the Recommendations

Thread lifts have a few potential side effects or complications, and people must follow specific restrictions following treatment. The process is minimally invasive, so the guidelines are fewer than after surgical lifts. The doctor or staff will explain all precautions and care following treatment.

Combing Cosmetic Treatments

Combining aesthetic enhancement treatments can help people to get even better results. The non-invasive nature of thread lifts can make it possible to include procedures like microneedling, skin fillers, and more. Combining services allows people to recover from all treatments at the same time.

Discuss PDO thread lifts options with the cosmetic surgeon before treatment to ensure it offers the desired benefits. Minimally invasive lifts can provide impressive results but are not the same as surgical lifts.