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Making Yourself Naturally Beautiful

Toppers — Add Volume, Texture, And Color To An Existing Hair Style

by Wanda Chambers

A hair topper (wiglet or half wig) is an accessory that is used to add volume and coverage to a particular part of the head. A custom hair topper is a product that will integrate with a wearer's natural hair. A topper's strands will be colored to match natural strands. The topper will be designed with a similar style and texture too.


Hair toppers are suited for those with thinning hair or pattern baldness They are also beneficial to those who would like to enhance their natural style, without needing to pay for an expensive style and cut. Topper manufacturers use a series of virgin natural hair strands and synthetic strands to create a line of enhancement products. If a client is interested in purchasing a custom topper, the material that will cover the scalp, plus the hair design, will be made specifically for the consumer who will be wearing the topper.

A consumer can request a consultation first. The consultation will provide them with a custom analysis of what type of topper product will be best suited for them. Someone may be growing in their hair, only necessitating that additional volume is added to their current style.

A client may be interested in a long-term solution, which will allow them to conceal thinning hair every day. A consultation may include taking a measurement of a client's head and assessing their head shape, skin color, and facial features. Since custom topper products are designed to look natural, a consultant will need concise information about a client's needs and preferences.


Lace and silk are some breathable fabrics that may be used to construct the base of a topper. These materials will stabilize a topper's hair strands, plus provide an end user with all-day comfort. A custom topper is designed to remain stable. A topper may contain a side part clip or a middle part clip. If a consumer typically wears their hair parted, they may be interested in purchasing a custom topper that will provide them with the same attributes of their current style.

A topper product may contain multi-colored or single-colored hair strands. If a client likes frosted or highlighted hair, they may want to review custom products that contain various hair colors. If a consumer has greying hair and doesn't want to be burdened with coloring their hair, they may want to pursue purchasing a custom topper that is a solid, dark color.

For more information on a hair topper, contact a professional near you.