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Making Yourself Naturally Beautiful

Keeping Your Balayage Hair Style Looking Like New

by Wanda Chambers

If you recently decided to color your hair so that it sports a balayage hairstyle to show off to others, you likely enjoy the diversity in hues it provides. After a balayage is conducted to hair strands, proper upkeep is necessary to ensure colors remain consistent. Here are steps to take to keep your style for as long as possible.

Keep On Top Of Root Dying If Necessary

If you colored the entire lengths of your strands of hair, you need to focus on root growth so improper coloring does not mar your overall look. When you color your roots, the lower portions of your hair strands need to be protected from hair dye. Use pieces of aluminum foil to cover all portions of hair strands that are a different coloring than the dye you intend on adding. When you wash out the dye, it is best to ask someone to assist so that they can keep the aluminum in place as you rinse shampoo or conditioner from your root area.

Cut Split Ends And Reapply Lowest Coloring

As your hair grows out, it may suffer from damage from everyday tasks such as brushing, curling, or washing. When hair strands become damaged, they do not provide a uniform appearance, but instead, look straggly or unkempt. When you notice split ends, they need to be trimmed off so your hair is in a healthy condition. If you snip off too much of the lowest portion of your strands, you may lose too much color from your balayage style. If this happens, you need to reapply coloring or bleach to keep the style intact. This could cause you to also need to recolor or bleach the middle portion of hair strands if your balayage consists of more than two shades of color.

Use The Right Products For The Best Look

After your balayage is completed, you need to stay on top of hair care to keep it looking fresh and new. Use sulfate-free products if possible. These are gentler on hair strands that have had coloring added or removed from them. If you have blonde strands within your balayage style, opt for a shampoo that brightens blonde naturally. This will keep the lighter parts of the style from becoming brassy in appearance. For darker colors, opt for a shampoo and conditioner made especially for color-treated hair to aid in retaining the hues you have selected.

Contact a stylist for more information about caring for a balayage hair style