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Making Yourself Naturally Beautiful

Want To Bleach Your Hair? Visit A Hair Salon For Optimal Results

by Wanda Chambers

Sticking with the same hair color, length, and style over a long time can grow old. So, you may become interested in making a major change, such as bleaching your hair. While some people bleach their own hair, you may want to guarantee positive results if possible. The easiest way is to visit a hair salon because you can experience several benefits from using their services.


Before you do any bleaching, you want to prepare your hair. Hold off on washing your hair for a day or two to build up oils that provide protection. Then, a hairstylist can decide between leaving your hair as-is before bleaching, or washing it and adding their own protective products. An important part is to talk about your bleaching goals so a professional knows what to aim for.


A hair salon really shines when it comes to bleach application. For instance, a hairstylist will bleach small sections and cover them in foil. The foil keeps the hair warm and reduces drying, both of which promote a successful and healthy bleaching process.

Splitting hair into sections makes it easy to apply bleach to all your hair strands. When it comes time to remove the foil, a stylist will do it carefully to avoid breakage on delicate hair.


An important part of bleaching is timing. First off, a hairstylist will apply bleach everywhere except the roots because your head's natural warmth will speed up the bleaching process. A stylist will carefully time everything and then put bleach on your roots for a short time.

Depending on your goals, you may need to come in for multiple bleaching sessions. Going from dark hair to light blonde is tough to do in one visit alone.

After the bleaching is complete, you will need to wash your hair and apply toner. This is another time-sensitive process because too much or too little time can yield poor results. For instance, not leaving toner in long enough can lead to your hair still looking orange and brassy.


While you can use hair products from anywhere, you may want to prioritize the products at salons because they will provide better results. Higher ingredient concentrations can make a huge difference, especially when you have newly bleached hair that you want to keep healthy.

A hairstylist can give you recommendations for shampoo, conditioner, styling products, and even styling tools that help you create and maintain healthy and beautiful hair. For more information, visit a local hair salon.