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Making Yourself Naturally Beautiful

4 Longer Haircuts For Men

by Wanda Chambers

Often, people think of long hair on men as being one style. But there can be more to long hair than locks all cut to one length and hanging down your back. If you're a man who wants to rock a more unique longer style, here are some ideas to discuss with your barber.

Surfer Hair

Surfer hair tends to be the most relaxed and low-maintenance of the long men's hairstyles. It works best when you have naturally wavy hair. For this cut, your barber will leave the hair just below your shoulders, but with just a little layering to encourage the hair to clump together a bit into relaxed, beachy curls. You can style this look with just a bit of texturing pomade. Comb through it once a week, and you're good to go since the look is intended to be a bit messy.

The Flow

The Flow may remind you of a mullet at first because it is shorter in the front than the back. However, the way the hair is cut in the front is quite different from a mullet. It's left long enough that you're able to tuck it behind your ear, which creates a gentle, flowing look from the shorter front to the longer back. This is one of the shorter "long hair" styles for men as the hair usually comes just to the shoulders in the back. As it grows out, it can start to look a bit like surfer hair, so you can go longer between cuts and just ride the change if you like.

Rock-and-Roll Shag

Part your hair down the center and feel like a rock star. With this look, you'll have your barber cut some pretty distinct layers into your hair while leaving the longest layer shoulder length. The upper layers should be thin so that they flow out from your head a little. This style is similar to the well-known women's shag hairstyle from the 1970s, but with the center part, it's totally rocking.

Side Sweep

The side sweep is the long hairstyle that's perfect for curly-haired men. Basically, your hair is left as long as you want it, but your barber parts it to one side and cuts you some side bangs. With the curls, this creates a really full, voluminous look that looks really relaxed.

There are so many ways to cut long hair on men. Ask your barber for more ideas that will suit your particular hair type and face shape. Contact a barbershop for more information.