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Making Yourself Naturally Beautiful

Diagnosed With Osteoporosis? What To Know About Abaloparatide Injections

by Wanda Chambers

As the population ages, health issues that are most common during the later decades of life become more common. One of these is a disease called osteoporosis. While it can be seen in younger adults, osteoporosis and other bone density issues are most common among older members of the population.

In fact, according to statistics published by the National Osteoporosis Foundation, some 10 million Americans are currently dealing with osteoporosis and an additional 44 million have low bone density issues that put them at increased risk of suffering broken bones. 

If you or someone you love is dealing with an osteoporosis diagnosis, the following information on treating the disease with abaloparatide injections may be helpful. 

Injection information

Because abaloparatide is typically administered as an injection when used as a treatment for osteoporosis, some administration concerns can exist. Patients who can easily commute to a nearby medical care facility may be instructed to do so. However, patients who cannot easily commute to a medical care facility can usually opt to learn how to self-administer the shots or have a family member help with their daily injections.  

 Abaloparatide injections are subcutaneous and usually given in the area of the abdomen. The site should be free of damage, such as bruising, scaling, or hardened areas. Rotating the injection site helps to prevent skin damage issues from occurring.

Basic hygiene routines for injecting medications at home, such as cleaning the skin before the injection, will help to reduce infection risk. Patients may also be instructed to inject the medication while sitting or reclining, at least until it is known if the medication will have any adverse effects, such as rapid heartbeat or dizziness that might result in a fall. 


When taking abaloparatide injections at home, most patients will receive the medication in a pre-filled pen with a built-in needle and correct dosage information for their particular needs. If a dose is forgotten for a few hours, it is usually acceptable to take the injection at a later time. However, if the injection is forgotten until a time close to the next scheduled injection, patients may be advised to wait until the next injection time to resume taking the medication. 

It is important to remember that this type of treatment may not be right for every osteoporosis patient. As with all medications, abaloparatide injections may interact with some medications or aggravate allergies or other medical conditions. Likewise, certain foods, as well as alcohol or tobacco use, may be problematic when using abaloparatide injections. 

If you are interested in learning more about abaloparatide injections to treat osteoporosis, discussing the subject with your medical care provider is the first step.