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Making Yourself Naturally Beautiful

How To Revitalize Your Bleach-Damaged Hair

by Wanda Chambers

When it comes to your skin, nails, and hair, it's important that you take good care of them. If you have bleached your hair too much in the past, then it may be suffering from some serious damage. If you are experiencing extreme hair damage such as thinning, balding, breaking, or hair that feels brittle because of all of the bleach, then there are a few different things that you can do. 

Stop Bleaching It

The number one rule if you want to revitalize bleach-damaged hair is to stop bleaching it. In fact, stop coloring it altogether. By giving it a rest, your hair can hopefully start to get stronger and repair itself so that it doesn't all break off or fall out. 

Get A Hair Treatment

Contact your salon and ask them about affordable hair treatments. One example of this would be an all-over deep conditioning treatment. When your hair has been exposed to too much bleach or chemicals, it starts to dry out and become brittle. By restoring all of the protein into the hair shaft with a deep conditioning treatment, you can help to give it the nourishment that it needs in order to stay strong and healthy and to continue to grow. 

Don't Use Heat

Using heat on damaged hair is only going to cause more damage. Try to avoid using anything like a straightener, a hair dryer, or a curling iron on your hair for at least a month or two while your hair recovers. When you get out of the shower, gently towel-dry your ends, brush with a gentle brush, and then let your hair air dry. The less heat your hair is exposed to, the better. 

Sleep In A Hair Mask

In addition to getting a hair treatment from a salon, you may also want to try to sleep in a hair mask about once a week. When choosing a hair mask, look for one that contains natural ingredients like coconut oil. Then before bed, wet your hair and gently apply a generous amount of the hair mask all over your hair, focusing on the ends. Then, take a shower cap and place it over your hair so that it stays concealed. Sleep with this on and wash the product off in the morning. 

Just remember that hair products like hair masks contain a lot of enriched proteins, which are good for your hair, but if you use them too much, they can damage your hair even more. Try to only use these products once a week.