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Making Yourself Naturally Beautiful

What To Expect After Your First Botox

by Wanda Chambers

If you feel you're looking tired and run down lately, you might try increasing your beauty sleep. While adequate rest is important, sleep alone cannot reverse the affects of aging. If you want more dramatic results without a lot of downtime, you should consider seeking Botox treatment. Botox can eradicate fine lines from your face, helping you look youthful and well-rested. Here are four things you can expect after your first Botox treatment.

1. You will see the effects take hold gradually.

Botox treatment can be done in as little as half an hour, but the results occur much more gradually. In the days following your treatment, you will find that your expression softens, and the fine lines on your face begin to melt away. Allow up to two weeks for the full effects to become noticeable.

2. You may have a little swelling directly following your treatment.

Some people choose to get Botox during their lunch break before returning to work; that's how fast and noninvasive the treatment is. However, while Botox offers a quick recovery with no downtime, you may still have some noticeable side effects temporarily. Some patients report small bumps on their face where the botulinum toxin was injected. These can resemble mosquito bites, and they usually dissipate within a few hours. If the aesthetics of these bumps bother you, you may hide them with a clean beanie.

3. You may experience slight discomfort.

Most people don't experience a significant amount of pain from the Botox procedure. The needles your doctor uses are very fine, so they cause minimal discomfort during the injection process. However, some people report feeling sore or bruised at the injection site later in the day. If this happens to you, you can treat the soreness with an over the counter painkiller. Avoid applying topical analgesics or anything else to your face, since this may impede the healing process.

4. You should wait to schedule your next appointment.

Botox is not a permanent procedure. In order to see continuing results, you will need additional treatments two to four times per year. However, everyone's body responds differently to Botox. It's a good idea to wait to schedule your next appointment until you see how your body reacts. Some people need a treatment every three months, while others can go up to six months between treatments. Typically, people who have been receiving Botox treatments for a long time can go longer between treatments.

For more information, talk to a Botox professional near you.