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Making Yourself Naturally Beautiful

Common Signs Of Aging: How To Deal With Fine Lines Around The Eyes

by Wanda Chambers

Have you recently noticed wrinkles or fine lines around your eyelids? You may not like the appearance of these new lines, especially if they make you look a bit older. If you would prefer to maintain a youthful appearance, you may want to do something to prevent more lines from forming and even eliminate the ones that are currently on your face. There are a few different options to consider when attempting to eliminate and prevent these fine lines.

Start Applying an Eye Cream Regularly

You can start taking some preventative measures by applying an eye cream on a regular basis. Instead of purchasing costly creams from various stores, you can make one on your own with a few essential ingredients that are known to work wonders on the skin. You can combine two tablespoons of coconut oil with one tablespoon of crushed coffee beans and a teaspoon of vitamin E oil. Once you have mixed these ingredients together, simply apply it on and around the eyelids using your finger. Make sure to gently rub it in and leave it on overnight.

It is ideal to use these ingredients because coconut oil helps moisturize the skin and coffee beans help brighten and exfoliate. The vitamin E oil contains nutrients that are good for the skin. In fact, vitamin E oil is often a main ingredient in different anti-aging products, so it is worth using in your own homemade remedy.

Consider Getting Botox Injections Around the Eyes

Although a cream may help to prevent future fine lines and wrinkles from appearing, you may still struggle with the ones that have already appeared. In that case, you may want to consider botox injections as a method of treatment. Botox will help to relax the muscles around your eyes, thus causing some of those fine lines to disappear. Although it is not a permanent solution, the smoothing effect tends to last for about 4 months. Once you start to notice the effects are wearing off, you can always get a touch up in the office to maintain your youthful appearance.

It is normal for women and men to experience fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and on other areas of the skin as they start getting older. Even though it is a typical sign of aging, you might not want to look older than your age. If you want to look younger and get rid of those lines, you can start to apply a homemade eye cream nightly, and you can choose to get botox injections to see a significant and immediate improvement.