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Making Yourself Naturally Beautiful

2 Ways To Get Rid Of Beard Itch

by Wanda Chambers

When you decide that you want to grow out your beard, you can quickly find out that growing it out can be really itchy. There are a few reasons why your beard can get itchy. One is that you get dry skin under your beard. Since your beard hair is covering that skin, it doesn't really get exfoliated, so new skin doesn't get exposed, which is part of what makes your dry skin itch. Another reason is that you may get ingrown hairs in your beard. These are hairs that instead of growing out through the skin have gotten trapped in the follicle or even grows back under the skin. Ingrown hairs tend to show up when you have been shaving, so if you trim your beard, you might run into problems around the edge. There are several things that you can do to help combat the beard itch. 

Clean It Right

One thing you can do to help combat the dreaded beard itch is to make sure that you clean it right. Look for a special beard wash. It's a shampoo designed just for your beard and for the skin under it. You should be able to find several products that will work. If you have sensitive skin, there will also be products that have lotions that will help to exfoliate and soothe the skin under your beard. You should make sure that you wash it every day. If you notice that your beard itches more at night, then try washing it later in the day. That will get rid of all the day's sweat and grime that would've built up. Think about using a beard conditioner and beard growth vitamins as well. It can help soften the hair of your beard and moisturize the skin under your beard. 

Brush or Comb It

Using a beard brush or comb on your beard can do a lot of things. One thing it can do is to help get any dry skin or other particles trapped in your beard out from your beard. That will help with the itchiness. Another thing that it can do is to help spread the natural oils of your face down through your beard. Getting those oils down to the ends of your beard will help to keep it looking nice and feeling smooth, so not only does it not feel scratchy to you, your significant other won't complain about it either. 

If you are trying to grow out your beard, there are things that you can do to help get rid of the beard itch.