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Making Yourself Naturally Beautiful

Questions You May Have About Nonsurgical Hair Replacement For Men -- And The Answers You Need

by Wanda Chambers

If you have recently begun to notice that you have thinning hair and are thinking about a surgical method to replace or regrow missing hair, you should know that you have other options. Those other options include nonsurgical hair replacement approaches. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about these procedures and the answers you need to these questions.

Do Hair Regrowth Creams and Serums Work?

If you have just a little thinning across the top of your head, medicated hair regrowth creams and serums could work for you. Male pattern baldness is often treated by dermatologists and doctors with monoxidyl, a medication that stunts the biochemical agents in your body that are responsible for increasing hair loss. However, it is a treatment that you may have to continue the rest of your life because it is not a cure--just a treatment.

How Can a Method of Hair Replacement Be Considered Nonsurgical If You Are Replacing Follicles?

Another nonsurgical hair replacement for men involves transplanting single hair follicles. Each of these follicles is taken from another part of the body, usually the nape of your neck. It is referred to as a "nonsurgical" method because your scalp is not cut nor is a patch of hair-covered skin transplanted to your balding areas (a process commonly known as "plugs").

Instead, the single hairs, complete with roots, are placed into old follicle openings where hair once was but is not anymore. Prior to transplantation, the area is thoroughly scrubbed clean and heat and humidity are applied so that the the follicle openings open wide enough to accept the transplanted hair. A medication, either topical or oral, may be taken for several days after the procedure to help the transplanted hairs take root and stay put.

Which of These Provides More Permanent Results?

The nonsurgical method that provides more permanent results is the single follicular transplant. (The medicated topicals have to be applied frequently, and if you stop using them the results stop as well.) Additionally, several single follicles of hair may be transplanted at the same time, or you can do this as a more gradual process so that people do not guess what kind of cosmetic work you are having done. Eventually, your bald spots will be fully restored to hair, and that hair does not fall out or act any differently than the hair you had before. Because the hair is also your own, it will not look out of place like a donor's hair would (e.g., dark blond hair trying to mix with light brunette).

To learn more about nonsurgical hair replacement options, speak with an expert like those at L J Hair Systems.