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Making Yourself Naturally Beautiful

Different Methods Of Highlighting Hair

by Wanda Chambers

Highlighting has been a very popular way to add color and dimension to the hair for many years. Whether you have dark colored or light colored hair, getting highlights can make your hair look healthy and beautiful as it catches the light each time you move. The type of results you get from highlights depends on the colors you choose and the application process that is used to put them in. These are some different methods of highlighting the hair.

Foiled Weaved Highlights 

This method of highlighting is done by using a tail comb to weave out pieces of the hair. Hairdressing foil is placed under these pieces and then hair color is applied to them with a brush. The foil is folded over the pieces of hair so that the color can develop without bleeding onto the hair that is not going to be highlighted.

Foiled weaved highlights can be done in full, half or quarter head weaves. Full weaves leave small amounts uncolored, half weaves highlight about half of the person's hair, and quarter weaves highlight only small amounts of the hair to give it a more natural appearance.

Hair Slicing Highlights 

The hair slicing method of highlighting is also known as paneling. The form of highlighting gives one bolder, more noticeable highlights that are visible in a few areas of the hair. Hair slicing is done by using a tail comb to part sections of the hair into random slices that will be colored with highlights. Hairdressing foil is placed under the sections, color is applied and then the foil is folded to protect the hair that will not be colored.

Hair slicing is done using wider sections that are scattered in only a few areas of the hair. This creates blocks of color that can give you fun, creative results. The color blocks are usually placed under the part so that there is no need to retouch the roots.

Balayage Highlights 

This method of highlighting is also known as hair painting. It is done by using a freehand technique to add lightener to various strands of the hair. The lightener is added with a small brush and is applied more thickly going down towards the ends of the sections of hair. The hair is not covered in foil but is simply sectioned away from the hair that will not be colored.

Balayage highlights give the hair a more natural, sun kissed appearance. Since these highlights are not applied thickly at the root they can grow out naturally without leaving a noticeable line of difference in color.

In the past, getting highlights meant sitting to have strands of your hair pulled through a plastic cap before the lightener was applied. While some salons still offer this method, it is not done as frequently unless the person wants their hair heavily frosted with only one lightening color.

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