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Making Yourself Naturally Beautiful

How To Plan A Fun Friend Reunion

by Wanda Chambers

Are you in charge of planning a weekend reunion of old friends as they come to your home town? If so, here are some ideas that will inspire you to plan something fun and memorable.

Arrange For Lodging - If your friends are staying at a hotel, you can check that off your list. However, if they're staying at your home, you obviously have some planning to do. 

  • Consider giving adults bedrooms and put all of the kids in the family room. Instead of worrying about beds for the kids, give everybody a pillow and a blanket and let them cozy up on the carpet and on sofas. If there are any babies, it would be very nice for you to borrow or rent cribs which will be placed in the bedroom where parents will be sleeping.
  • If the kids are old enough, a really fun idea would be to set up tents and let them sleep in your backyard. Add to the fun by giving each child a flashlight. 

Plan Activities - Kids or no kids?

  • Will your friends be traveling with their children? If so, consider mixing outdoor activities with those that will be indoors, especially if it's hot. For example, a trip to the zoo could take place as soon as the zoo opens, since temperatures will be cooler. Then go for lunch at a place that has an indoor play area. Consider returning home or to hotels for some quiet time and then meet for evening activities. Consider a hot dog cookout or pizza delivery would be both fun and easy.
  • If there won't be children present, that puts a whole different twist on your reunion. Gals could hit the malls while men go bowling, golfing, or just hang out at home. However, it will also be fun for you to show off your town. Visit historic sites and other places of local interest. Is there an evening production you could attend? At home, consider setting up crafts for the women while the men watch a big game on television. 

Give A Souvenir - As your reunion comes to an end, it would be a nice touch to send everybody home with a fun souvenir to remind them of the good time you had at your friend reunion.

  • One idea would be to give everybody a fun apron that you have personalized with each person's name
  • For something just plain funny, consider giving bobble head dolls that match each person. For example, the golfer in the group would get a golfer bobble head.
  • Beard t-shirts would be a really great gift. Not only would they be fun, but they would be something everybody would be able to wear with jeans and other casual slacks or skirts. There are even beard t-shirts for women. For the kids, consider the popular t shirts that have a mustache on them. Beard t-shirts are affordable. While you're at it, consider buying some extras to have on hand for gifts.

Have fun planning a fun friend reunion.